“A unique point in our planet’s history”

It’s been a couple of months since I last led a Deep Time Walk but I’m excited to announce I have scheduled the next one for Sunday 25th August at 1.30pm – hopefully the sun will be shining and the worst of winter will have passed.

A Deep Time Walk gives participants an understanding of the history of our planet and the impact our species has made on nature in the very short time we have been here. It is also a relaxed walk along 4.6km of the beautiful Port Phillip Bay foreshore in Brighton and Elwood.

Last night I watched David Attenborough’s latest documentary “Climate Change: the Facts”, with the breathtaking footage and dramatic narration I have learned to expect and love. Ending with the quote:

“We now stand at a unique point in our plant’s history. One where we much all share responsibility both for our present wellbeing and for the future of life on Earth. We each have the power to make changes and we must make them now. Our natural work, the one where our children and grandchildren, and all those who follow them depend on us doing so.”

A perfect quote to end with a Deep Time Walk with, if only Sir David had not thought of it before me.

Book here to join the next Deep Time Walk on 25th August at 1.30pm