Postponed by wild weather

The Deep Time Walk I was meant to lead today at CERES has been postponed until 28th November, due to forecast wild weather. Hopefully, the weather will be less wild on the 28th, and my walk will go ahead on that date. Of course a postponed walk is not a big deal, and no-one will suffer as a result. In a year when so many plans have fallen by the wayside, this is just another reminder of the fragility of the natural world, and how we just can’t expect it to always serve our needs. Those people who lost property, suffered injuries or went without electricity two weeks ago because of storms in Victoria, had it much worse. As did those who are still trying to recover from the devastating storms in June which caused extensive damage to much of regional Victoria. Of course we can’t explain each stormy weather event with climate change, but we do know that we can expect more and more of the same in coming years.

Hopefully all those who were planning to attend today, will be able to reschedule and join me in two weeks time. Hope to see you then.