“The walk itself really does affect the comprehension much more profoundly than reading it from a book. There was a tinge of sadness for me I have to admit, at the end, when we were talking about how briefly homo sapiens have been around, and we’ve destroyed so much in no time. It was humbling and sad at the same time. I really hope this time walk will spread and more and more people participate and gain something enriching for themselves.” Jackie

“Very interesting and engaging. Tammy’s passion for the topic really shone through as she was discussing the origins of our planet. Also the walk itself is very pleasant along the sea front. Would strongly recommend. Very interactive rather than a lecture which meant the afternoon flew by.” Adam

” The walking / taking each step is such a kinaesthetic/ sensory thing. To walk 4.6 billion years in 4.6 kms takes a huge abstract concept of time and places it in a concrete form that is digestible. Your knowledge was very good and you have managed to talk through some very detailed information. There was a lot there that was super interesting.” Belinda

“I found the talk very thought provoking and rather humbling to think we are such a small part of the history of earth. I would highly recommend it and have already told my in-laws about it. Thanks for including us on this awesome venture.” Deborah