What is a Deep Time Walk?

A Deep Time Walk is a tour through Earth’s history. It is a transformative experience which allows us to grasp the enormity of our planet’s history and sets our own species, Homo Sapiens, in context. It is a walk of 4.6 kilometres, with each metre representing one million years and each kilometre representing a billion years. Homo Sapiens only make an appearance in the last 25cm. A printed timeline cannot possibly do such time scales justice.

At various intervals along the walk the guide will point out significant developments from the perspective of physics, chemistry, philosophy, biology, history and ecology. The interval between stops may be as long as a kilometre or as short as half a millimetre. Whilst walking, participants are encouraged to be mindful of their journey and contemplate the vastness of time they are crossing.

The concept of a Deep Time Walk was developed at the Schumacher College in Devon, UK, by Professor Stephan Harding.