What is “Step Through Time”

I’m passionate about strengthening the connection between people and nature. I believe that many of our ecological problems exist because people are more and more disconnected from the natural world, viewing what goes on outside as completely separately from what goes on in our sterile, climate controlled homes and cars.

“Step Through Time” is the organisation I set up to lead Deep Time Walks in Melbourne, Australia. I first participated in a Deep Time Walk led by Debby Badger several years ago and this made a lasting impression on me, forever changing the way I view the Earth and all its players. Debby has now taught me how to lead my own Deep Time Walks, and I am so excited to be able to share this fantastic, immersive learning experience with others.

I usually lead the walks along the foreshore between North Beach in Brighton and Point Ormond, so the experience is enhanced by the beautiful across Port Philip Bay. The walk isn’t tied to this location and I can lead it anywhere (within reason) that you choose, preferably somewhere close to nature rather than through urban sprawl.

mypiccropI hope to have the opportunity soon to guide you through Deep Time on one of my walks. I’m happy to lead walks with groups of four of more. So find at least three like-minded friends/relatives and get in touch so we can organise a date. Alternatively give me some dates and times that you are available and I will find some others to make up a group.



“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see” – Winston Churchill